RBR Coffee Vacpak

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This Coffee Vacpak is an inexpensive way to keep your craft roasted RBR beans super tasty. Maintains aroma and rich, full coffee flavor using a patented system createing a partial vacuum seal to keep Coffee – Fresher for Longer

****Special Offer - First time fill ups are available with purchase at a discount. Add your favorite coffee roast for only $5!!!!!

Multiuse – Allows products to breathe and degas, without letting oxygen and NSF tested and certified, FDA Approved – Food Grade – Airtight, Moisture free and recyclable. Hand wash only

Coffee grounds or beans – 16 oz. / 500g / 1.85 liter / Dimensions: 7-3/4″ tall x 4-7/8″ diameter (19.5 cm x 12 cm)

Type: Brew and Stew