What Our Customers Are Saying!

Love my first two tastings of Honduras and Sumatra! Very in depth flavor.  Great variety from light and sweet to strong and bold flavor!

- Jennifer Myren


Craig does an excellent job of sourcing & roasting these beans, no worries about quality or burnt coffee. I have tried 4 combinations of roasts and single origin beans from Craig and all of them have been absolutely great. Currently have the Origin whole beans and they smell incredible. Cheers!


- Mark Eissens


Absolutely the best tasting coffee that I have ever had. Rich, robust flavor. You have got to try the sampler!

- Saundra Bolden-Ferguson


Some of the best coffee I’ve had in a long time. Love the Sumatra and the Origin is top notch as well. Thanks, Craig!

- Brian Hose


I loved my first order of coffee… Costa Rican Connection! Great blend for those who love a good medium roast!  Just perfect… will definitely be ordering again, soon!!

Stacy Chernesky Full


I had my first cup today and it was AMAZING! Can’t wait to have another cup!!

Jaime Fagan


Practically have to race the wife to the coffee pot!

- Andrew Reynolds


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