Ethiopian Natural


If you have never had a Natural processed coffee you are seriously in for a treat. This is a light/medium roast with a lighter body but it has intense juicy sweetness, and clean aftertaste. The taste of strawberry is on forefront and is followed with a hint of milk chocolate...can you ask for anything more?  

Our friends at Keffa Coffee did an excellent job when sourcing this one out! We believe our roast profile compliments the wonderful farmers and sourcing partners. 

Farmer Name:  Jebo Boge

Age: 73

Number of Families: 9

Farming: Agroforestry

District: Yirgacheffe

Village: Mokonisa                 

Farm Size: 3.7 Hectare

Elevation: 1950- 2150

Processing Method: Natural Coffee 

Export Mill: Abebe Muligeta Coffee Processing Mill,  Addis Abeba

The 73-year-old coffee farmer Mr. Jebo was born and raised in Mokonisa village. He has been coffee farming for over forty-eight years.

He used to sell his coffee to Yirgacheffe Union; in 2019, the Ethiopian coffee and the Tea Authority opened a window for small farmers to sell their coffee directly to importers and roasters. This is one of Keffa's direct trade coffees.

His vision is to maximize coffee production and fulfill basic needs for his kids without financial difficulties.

Type: Coffee Bean