Costa Rica Natural Tarrazu Finca Guadalupe

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From the Roaster: This coffee literally rocked my world. I get hit with a burst of clean but complex fruity nuances on the front end and balances out with a sweet chocolate finish. This coffee shined on the lighter side of the roast profile. Think watermelon, kiwi and pineapple dipped in the chocolate of the gods. 

The Coffee: Finca Guadalupe is a 2 hectare specialty coffee farm in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. This farm has been in the Gutierrez family for three generations. Toño Gutierrez established the farm that is now owned by his son, Jorge and his wife Ivannia. Jorge &  Ivannia’s daughter Daniella is currently in charge of quality control for Finca Guadalupe. Daniella has been in the world of coffee since she was a child. However, it was around 18 that she started with cupping and roasting preparation to ensure the quality of
each of the coffees.

Jorge and Ivannia invested in their own micro-mill, La Montaña Tarrazu. They felt a micro mill of their own would add value to their already amazing coffee. It would also allow them the ability to control all factors of processing to increase their quality. While they specialize in washed, honey and natural process, they continue to test different processing methods & varietals to experiment with different profiles. 

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Ethically Sourced, Environmentally Conscience, Community Driven

Type: Coffee Bean