Beatriz Cabezas Microlot

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From the Roaster: We hand picked this red honey processed coffee for its delicate and amazing characteristics. The coffee screams spring with its soft pinot noir notes along with a finish of berry, vanilla and hint of a flowering bloom. We chose a medium/light approach to to accentuate the delicate body. Our friends at Cosecha Traders in Colombia made this introduction to Beatriz and we look forward to a long relationship.  

The Farmer: Beatriz is a resilient woman who has worked relentlessly on ambitious projects and brought them to fruition. Since Beatriz was a little girl, she learned from her family how to grow and process coffee, which gave birth to a great love for the craft and life in the countryside.
Before becoming a coffee farmer, she worked on her neighbor's farm. With her husband's support, she could buy a small plot of land to start her journey on her own. She has been working with her crop for 13 years, and since the first harvest, she decided to implement differentiated processes. She's acquired knowledge through attending training programs offered in her town, which has helped her deepen her growth as a woman coffee farmer. Beatriz is a person who likes to learn and improve her practices on the farm responsibly.
Beatriz lives in a region where coffee is at the base of the economy, which encourages her to continue learning. For her, a coffee grower's most essential trait is having a solid work ethic to achieve goals; she dreams of producing more specialty coffee and launching her own brand of roasted coffee. Beatriz would like to improve the treatment of residual water produced by coffee processes on the farm.
For Beatriz, coffee represents the culture and harmony of her community, as it is the engine for a peaceful life. 

Producer: Beatriz Cabezas Burbano
Municipality: La Vega
Department: Cauca
Community: Vereda La Betulia
Farm: El Zarzal
Altitude: 1800 MASL
Variety: Castillo and Colombia
Process: Red Honey

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Ethically Sourced, Environmentally Conscience, Community Driven

Type: Coffee Bean

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