Beyond the Cup - Valentine's Sneak Peek and More

Beyond the Cup - Valentine's Sneak Peek and More

January 26, 2021


River Bottom Roasters is excited to keep you in the know on all things happening in the roastery.  Get the latest updates on new products, coffee insights, roasting education and more. A nice quick read to fuel your tastebuds!


Sneak Peek: Valentine's Day Coffee Collab

Next week, we're debuting our special Valentine's Day collab box with the talented Charlie & Sams! Honestly, what could pair better with 3...2...1...Go'spresso than a rich, decadent chocolate fudge brownie or espresso chocolate cake jar.  Get your taste buds ready - these are in limited quantity and you won't want to miss it. Don't worry! We'll send a reminder when they go on sale.

From the Roaster: The Experience (January 2021 edition)

Coffee brings an amazing experience in so many ways. As a roaster, I focus on techniques that bring out the available nuances of each individual coffee bean. I love passing my roasts on to customers that brew at home or work and to the local barista, chef, bartender, who can use this bean to pair with their culinary skills. You can drink an amazing cup of coffee at home while also visiting local places that use RBR and enjoy it in a totally different way.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with local businesses like Free Range Cafe, JP Mino Cafe, Charlie & Sams Bakery Cafe, J's Diner and 28 South. Any day of the week we can enjoy the creations from the wonderful minds that have paired RBR with delicious ingredients like tumeric, oat milk, and vanilla. 

Ari, a barista at Charlie & Sams, pairs a handmade vanilla cold foam with my espresso roast that will make you melt. Free Range whipped up everything from Moroccan cold brew slushies to a delicious but simple french press. I can't say enough about the great food at 28 South and J's diner. Just the fact that RBR get's to be served on the same table with the amazing food from Chef Jay at 28 and Chef Joel at J's Diner makes me feel like a champ. 

While I enjoy brewing at home with pour overs and coffee pots I get to experience coffee in so many ways.  So get out there and try it all, it's right around the corner! -Craig


For the month of January, we are upgrading all non-local shipping to UPS.  We know our USPS workers are doing their best, however for us to ensure fresh coffee hits your door every time, we'll rely on UPS this month.

New Coffee Selections Hit the Market

New flavors come to River Bottom Roasters this month and you won't want to miss them!

Our line-up of ethically sourced, fair trade coffees has some heavy hitters you won't want to miss as we continue towards the spring season. Now available, check out our Peru Cautivo Co-Op, Honduras Belico, and Maya Royal Select Decaf.  All are available for our subscribe and save program!

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Catch Us In Your Local Markets: Gordon's Grocery Spotlight

Groceries continue to gain interest in stocking fresh, premium coffee.

Oh, how we love our local hidden gems. Some of the best little mom and pop shops are serving up the most incredible local goodies, from top quality meats to the best sweets and wine selections around. River Bottom Roasters is proud to be partners with Gordon's Grocery - a small market, doing big things locally since 1923. You read that right - nineteen twenty-three!

The store offers locally grown fruits and vegetables, specialty foods, organic products, personalized gift baskets, and fresh meats and seafood, including rotisserie chicken and North Atlantic-harvested wild salmon.  River Bottom Roasters has also been fortunate to have a space on the shelf.

Gordon's Grocery located off of Cypress Street in Hagerstown has some of the best local eats around. Cream of Crab soup is a favorite - really you can't go wrong with any of their seafood. Pair that with a wine from their extensive selection, a nice filet, and maybe their stuffed mushrooms (if they're in stock) and you've got your Valentine's Day meal checked off your list. And do not even get us started on their fresh rotisserie chicken!

It's small town shops like Gordon's that make us incredibly humbled to be a part of this amazing hometown.



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