Beyond the Cup - Take a Coffee Journey with our Digital Passport

Beyond the Cup - Take a Coffee Journey with our Digital Passport

March 18, 2021


River Bottom Roasters is excited to keep you in the know on all things happening in the roastery.  Get the latest updates on new products, coffee insights, roasting education and more. A nice quick read to fuel your tastebuds!

From the Roaster: The Pair (March 2021 edition)

Coffee. Coffee? Coffee!!! One simple thing so many different ways. My endeavor as a coffee roaster started with a single origin coffee from Guatemala, served black, and it rocked my world. This long, dark, black coffee path is filled with amazing flavors that naturally emanate from a wonderful coffee cherry.  

Somehow this fascination with craft roasted coffee turned prejudice. Cream......are you kidding me? Sugar....Don’t make me slap you!  Double vanilla, mint, chocolate raspberry head just exploded.  

Even with all the flavor add-ons we can find coffee as the base of these wildly popular drinks. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I came across a coffee shop in Virginia that changed my black coffee hob snobbery. I was served a Rose Latte made with steeped rose petals, oat milk, and vanilla. The balance of perfectly extracted espresso paired with this elixir so amazingly well.  

After this experience I let down my guard and now I’m on the lookout for specialty lattes and drinks. I even began making my own craft coffee pairings with turmeric, vanilla, orange zest and oat milk. I found that my Colombia Buena Vista roast pairs well with Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey and extra creamy Planet Oat milk. While my purist roots of black coffee are enjoyed naturally, I have found another delicious path to enhance my coffee adventure. Cheers.  - Craig

River Bottom Roasters Coffee Passport: A Journey to Colombia

We're excited to release our first River Bottom Roasters Digital Coffee Passport! Take a tasty adventure to Colombia in this issue and meet our friend "Yeb".  We are the happy purchasers of his entire microlot which provides fair wages and sustainable living for his employees.


Local Spotlight: Check Us Out at The Common Market Coop!

River Bottom Roasters Coffee Hits the Shelves at Frederick's Premier Grocer

The Common Market Coop in Frederick has become the staple of fresh, local foods and products since it's doors opened as a storefront in 1982. Yes, it's been around that long. The Common Market seeks to responsibly serve its community through its products and by offering a path to a sustainable, healthful future through its structure, policies, practices, and shared values.

To say we're excited to join the line-up of some of the best local roaster brands on the shelves is an understatement.  The alignment between not only our ethically sourced coffee and community driven focus could only be defined as a match made in heaven.

Bali Blue Moon was a bag that we knew had to make the cut. This Rain Forrest Alliance certified coffee offering brings notes of chocolate milano while hinting at the earthiness of an Indonesian rain forest.  We are also stocking our Ethiopian Natural. This is a light/medium roast with a lighter body but it has intense juicy sweetness, and clean aftertaste. The taste of strawberry is on forefront and is followed with a hint of milk chocolate...can you ask for anything more?  

The Common Market integrates its values into every aspect of business, and we have standards for the products we permit to be sold in the store: foods must be free of artificial dyes, preservatives, and flavorings, and humans and animals in the production process must be treated ethically and humanely. In addition to these standards, each department has specific standards, so customers can be knowledgeable and feel empowered about the products they purchase.

Be sure to swing in on your next trip to Frederick to support this one-of-a-kind market doing big things for our community!


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