Beyond the Cup - New from River Bottom Roasters

Beyond the Cup - New from River Bottom Roasters

January 08, 2021


River Bottom Roasters is excited to debut our latest efforts to keep you in the know on all things happening in the roastery.  Get the latest updates on new products, coffee insights, roasting education and more. A nice quick read to fuel your tastebuds!


Coffee You Pick, Delivered Fresh to Your Door - Now 21% Off

We're kicking off 2021 with a savings you can't resist. Save 21% when you enroll in our subscribe and save program. Get fresh ground coffee delivered the frequency you want. Guarantee you start your mornings with our better beans in your cup.  Simply head to the website, select your coffee variety, and select subscribe and save.

From the Roaster: Progression & Improvement (January 2021 edition)

Coincidental or not it seems I have synced up with the proverbial new year’s resolution. To me, the opportunity to progress and improve professionally, physically, and mentally is without measurement of time but rather a constant motion. Somehow New Year’s replenishes this motion and I’ll gladly take it!

Over the last few months, I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work with craft coffee roasters from around the world in an online forum to progress and improve our roasting skills. This collaboration of roasters allows for the discussion of natural nuances that a coffee bean has to offer. The trick is how to accentuate those flavors that are begging to be brought to your cup. After all, I typically have less then 12 minutes to roast a batch of coffee. One small adjustment in that 12 minutes such as air flow, heat, drum speed, humidity, density (and many other variables) can highlight or hide a nuance that you want to bring to the cup.  

When you reach for that RBR brew, just know that my mind is completely wrapped around every second in that 12 minutes. My never ending journey of improvement and progression in every cup.  - Craig


For the month of January, we are upgrading all non-local shipping to UPS.  We know our USPS workers are doing their best, however for us to ensure fresh coffee hits your door every time, we'll rely on UPS this month.

Fundraisers Bring Coffee to the Tastebuds of Our Community

Meritus Medical, SOLDIERFIT, Boonsboro Highschool, and more benefit from coffee fundraising.

Coffee has become the universal bridge to our community. We were so excited to work with a number of local businesses to support fundraising efforts with our better beans.  With so many people working from home, it was no better time to get fresh ground coffee into these new fundraising opportunities. Interested in a future fundraiser?  Email us at

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Coffee + Beer = The Perfect Pairing

Catch us at Cushwa Brewing and Homaide Brewing this Month

River Bottom Roasters is so excited to collaborate with our local community. This month our beans are featured at two of our hometown breweries.  Cushwa Brewing is releasing this Next Episode coffee cream ale, and my oh my is it tasty.  Homaide Brewing's Fight Milk coffee stout features our beans as well and is served fresh in their tap room now.  Fun fact! Homaide Brewing's Fight Milk is also used in the Delightful Dairy's Drunken Crab cheese. Another awesome local business to support.


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