Beyond the Cup - Cold Brew, Fall Fundraising and More

Beyond the Cup - Cold Brew, Fall Fundraising and More

July 15, 2021


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Roasters Spotlight: Stay Cool with Cold Brew this Summer

What's the best coffee origin when it comes to Cold Brew? Bali, Honduras, Rwanda... while all of these beans are amazing, we're going with Ethiopian on this one.

Let's chat cold brew real quick before we hop into why we pick our Ethiopian as the front runner.

Cold Brew, by definition, is simply the process of steeping coffee grounds in room temperature or cold water for an extended period of time. The result -  a coffee with a much lower acidity, enhanced smoothness, greater sweetness, and generally little to no bitter component.

The taste profile of our Ethiopian Natural gives way to intense juicy sweetness, and clean aftertaste. This light to medium roast puts the taste of strawberry on the forefront, followed with a hint of milk chocolate...can you ask for anything more?

For me, bliss comes in adding a few drops of our sweet Turmeric and Almond flavoring, stir, and enjoy. Cheers!  - Craig

Order Your Ethiopian Natural Now!

28 South Brings New Flavors to the Local Dining Scene

Chorizo, Shrimp & Chicken Campanella, Fresh Shucked Oysters, and a new Salmon BLT are debuting on the summer menu at 28 South - a gem located downtown, just steps away from the beautiful new Maryland Theatre. Catch our RBR Crew here grabbing a Beet & Brussels Salad at lunch time, the Crab Wontons at happy hour, or the incredible brunch menu that we can't get enough of on Sunday (the mimosas and Bloody Mary's make it that much better).

Did you know that the coffee you drink at 28 South is our tasty beans!? Yep, the incredible drip coffee you're drinking with your brunch bites gets delivered as fresh ground coffee each week. Be sure to pop in and order a cup - and tell 'em River Bottom Roasters sent you!

But seriously, go check these guys out. Scroll down to officially start drooling over what you'll find on this menu (then go ahead and make your dinner reservation or lunch plans for today).


Let's Fundraise! Plan Your Coffee Fundraiser Now

We're so lucky to get to work with local community organizations, schools, sports teams, and more on fundraising. Fundraising with coffee is an instant success - who doesn't love to start their day with a good cup of joe?

Planning your Fall fundraisers? Count on River Bottom Roasters to be your partner! With custom labeling of your bags to easy online ordering, we make it easy! Email us today at to set up your fundraiser today!


Catch Our RBR Crew at the Smithsburg Farmers Market

Did you hear the buzz about last months Smithsburg Farmers Market? Nearly 1,000 people turned out to buy from our local community vendors. Featuring everything from local fruits and veggies to sweets and treats, the fourth Monday of the month is one to put on your calendar.

River Bottom Roasters is thrilled to get to be a part of the July 26th event! Be sure to stop by our booth to taste our tasty beans and grab a bag to start your day with.

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