It Takes A Village

Purchasing an "It Takes a Village" will help Washington County residents who were financially affected by COVID-19. How can we come together to help our neighbors? @ItTakesAVillageWashCo is here to support our village! This medium/dark blend brings together a creamy milk chocolate and orange ganache. 

Hundreds of job cuts and lost wages have forced people in our community to make the hard decision between paying for food, transportation or utilities. @ItTakesAVillageWashCo is here to help!

Without your help, there will be people in our village that continue to struggle. @ItTakesAVillage supports those in need. Learn more now. We feel the negative impact that COVID-19 has brought to our community. We are standing alongside other Washington County businesses and the Community Action Council to help residents who were financially affected by the pandemic. @ItTakesAVillageWashCo was established to support our village!

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