Colombia – Buena Vista

Our technique for this roast captures crisp notes of apple with a slight zing of apricot. We are proud to offer this coffee as our friend in Colombian is creating new relationships with mountain farmers to elevate their community. Creating export channels for remote mountain farmers is no easy task, but when the coffee is this good it's worth every bit!

About the Farmer:

Don Jaime used the money he’d earned to buy a coffee farm in his hometown 26 years ago, re-establishing a connection with the crop his family made a living from when he was a boy. It seems that Don Jaime made the best decision he could have as his coffee has won several regional competitions in the Valle del Cauca department. “First comes God in the heavens, then my family, and then coffee,” says Don Jaime.

Over the years, he’s shaped his farm into a harmonious ecosystem that benefits coffee production and at the same time protects biodiversity endemic to the region in which he lives. He’s found benefits from ecologically-conscious approaches to coffee production and he sees the results in every cup of his coffee. He aims to grow more exotic varieties of coffees, such as Gesha and Bourbons. He says that “being a coffee farmer is similar to being a student because everyday is an opportunity to learn and improve my life.” He takes advantage of every day to improve his quality as a result of his perspective. Although Don Jaime has achieved a lot through specialty coffee, he still has much potential to earn the accolades he aims to receive for producing his highly enjoyable coffee. 


Department: Valle del Cauca

Municipality: Sevilla

Community: Canoas

Farm: La Cabaña

Shade Trees: Walnut and guamo

Altitude: 1,500 MASL

Varietals: Colombia, Caturra, and Castillo

Process: Washed

Fermentation: 15 hours

Drying: 3 - 8 days

Type: Coffee Bean