Colombia – De Una

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From the Roaster: My technique for this roast captured indulging notes of raspberries, milk chocolate and the aroma of homemade jam. I found that a medium roast, while bordering on the lighter side, brought out a smooth body, balanced acidity and sweetness.  

The Coffee: Our friends in Colombia represent a collective of mountain farmers near Risaralda, Colombia. At almost 6,000 feet in elevation lay the coffee fields of Felipe Aristizabal.

The smooth and indulgent notes of Castillo & Colombia varietals are apparent with this fermentation protocol.  After the cherries are collected, they are submerged in water for density floating. Then, the beans are pulped by using the specific friction-based machine. They are placed in a tank with water waiting for the mucilage to be removed. It follows the drying process when silo and sun method happen as in the traditional Colombian coffee culture.

Creating export channels for remote mountain farmers is no easy task, but when the coffee is this good it's worth every bit! 


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