Ethiopian Natural


If you have never had a Natural processed coffee you are seriously in for a treat. This is a light/medium roast with a lighter body but it has intense juicy sweetness, and clean aftertaste. The taste of strawberry is on forefront and is followed with a hint of milk chocolate...can you ask for anything more?  

Anasora coffee is a young coffee plantation that produces specialty coffee in the mountains of Anasora, and It is home to the famous Ethiopian Guji exceptional coffee-growing area.

At Guji, they pride themselves in achieving the highest standards of sustainable and excellent coffee production. The area starts production under a forest belt, which is protected by the government and social protector. The farmers surrounding the Anasora have a plan for outgrowing schemes with the objective of eco-friendly production and socially responsible by assisting them to ensure quality production and good financial status. The whole Anasora area is a young coffee production area from Ethiopia with the highest altitude and super beautiful quality sourcing area. 

Our new friends at Keffa Coffee did an excellent job when sourcing this one out! We believe our roast profile compliments the wonderful farmers and sourcing partners. 

Region: Oromia

Zone: Guji

District: Anasora

Town: Yirba Muda

Processing: Sun-dried ( Natural)

Variety: Heirloom

Harvest: 2020

Altitude: 2250

Annual Rainfall: 1400 - 1850

Soil Type: Red clay, fertile, and rich in organic matter of new land.

Drying Time: 19 days plus

Type: Coffee Bean