Home Sweet Home

We roasted this delicious and exquisite coffee to help raise awareness and as a fundraiser for the HomeSweetHome Foundation. Their mission is to transition aged-out foster youth and at-risk youth between ages 16-26 into adulthood by providing housing, financial literacy, mental health aid and connection to resources. 66% of the sales revenue generated from this coffee will help fund this great mission.  

There are 500,000 homeless citizens in America; 125,000 are youth after they turn 18. Our program will help reduce that population by providing housing via tiny homes and apartments. By implementing a financial literacy course as well the youth will develop more confidence when they graduate into their own accommodations. Mental health aid can help trauma victims grow out of their experience in households. The resources we connect them to can offer opportunities such as jobs, more education opportunities, grants, and many more.

Get more information about this great organization on facebook @homesweethomefd and IG @homesweethomefoundations


Type: Coffee Bean